You’ve stumbled upon a forest, surrounded by mountains and meadows. One pathway leads alongside a river, throughout more unspoiled, raw nature. You’ve come a long way from the hectic city, pollution, and instagram, and you can already hear the acoustic guitars chiming in with their infectious melodies and perfect harmonies. It’s the breath of fresh air you’ve been yearning for; the soundtrack to “where the wild things grow”...

No, we're not close to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee, where you’d expect to find these wild roots of country music to flourish. Right now we're in Sweden, near a little town called Hammarstrand — the place where the band, Fluru, calls home. The word Fluru in Swedish means something like “ragged” and “tousled” in their northern dialect only few people can understand. No other word describes their music better.

Their debut album Where The Wild Things Grow comes with the craftsmanship of bright virtuosity and production ear-candy, but even still, a raw core remains in every song. As if Malin — Fluru’s lead singer — wrote from an old, personal story right after waking up from a deep slumber, she recounts and relives her stories honestly and authentically.

"Every song has to come to me naturally, without forcing the songwriting”, says Malin as she sits beside her husband and Fluru band member, Claes. Not only the love of her life, “but also the perfect partner in music”, Claes is bent over his beautiful Dreadnought acoustic guitar, getting lost in the music. She continues, “lyrics and melodies should happen in the room while writing and find their way straight from your heart.” And while the room is soaked in warmth and a calm mood, one can't help but think of any other way you could possibly write a song. It makes perfect sense.

It all came together then when, back in 2014, Malin, her husband, and members Nicklas, Robin and Jesper founded Fluru. Just five people sharing their love for music and creating something that meant being one with your instrument, looking for perfect harmony, and discovering the magic that happens when you really open up while playing. The result? Swedish exile-country — organically flavoured — and not shying away from ranging between melancholy and upbeat.

They’ll be on tour in 2019.

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"Where the wild things grow" is an album that we didn’t expect. Sometimes it happens that we get the hands on a debut album that blows us away – to say that before everything else." (We love nordic)


"I've heard the record "Where The Wild Things Grow" several times and still can not believe it's a debut album. Such quality in arrangements and execution is the work of other musicians for many years. And then just a few young Swedes come together and make a record." (Vinyl-Fan)


”…the Swedes deliver a perfectly crafted studio album between folk, bluegrass and a pinch of rock: beautiful melodies, fantastic polyphonic harmony vocals, perfectly tuned dreadnought guitars..." (Akustik Gitarre)


“Before I Go” if fueled with a hefty dose of pop in the style of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors”. (…) Amazing is also that this is a debut album with ten original compositions, because the music sounds serene, mature and varied. As if the band had already gained a lot of experience." (Cdstarts)


"A pair of voices wander down a lane lined with memories, together and apart in “Lou”. There’s a lot of love here, love tempered with time and turmoil. (...) The country music brigade will eat up this song and the rest of Fluru’s album in no time, but you don’t need to love country to love “Lou”. Listen. It’s true." (Odd Nugget)

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